Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Later Life Farming]

Module 8c: Case Studies of Farm Transfers

Farm transfers to family members and non-family members do not happen by themselves or, for that matter, overnight. Many issues need to be addressed and thought through to not only make the transfer feasible, but to insure that all parties are treated in a fair and equitable manner. Every farm will have unique personal issues that need to be reflected in the transfer, along with a varied list of legal and tax considerations. These issues and many others need to be addressed well in advance of any potential farm transfers.

In 2004, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and the Farm Link Program published ten case studies that addressed the issue of "Transferring the Family Farm" with particular attention to "what worked" and "what didn't work" and a brief analysis of the considerations the ten farms encountered as they evolved through the farm transfer process. Below are links to this publication and several others that address the issue of farm transfers.

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