Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Later Life Farming]

Module 9: Regulation and Tax Issues

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This module addresses factors that affect the retirement income of farm families. The first is state regulations (e.g., building restrictions) that affect farm value and the second is farmland preservation programs where farm operators are paid for the development rights to their farm. The module also discusses federal and state estate taxes and federal income taxes as they apply to farm families.

  1. State Regulations That Affect Farm Value
  2. Farmland Preservation Programs: A Source of Retirement Income?
  3. Federal and State Estate Taxes
  4. Strategies to Reduce Income Taxes

Estate Planning Guidance for Farm Families

Considering estate law when developing an estate plan is an important step in reducing tax liabilities and ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled.

(Workshop financially supported by the USDA and Northeast Extension Risk Management Education.)

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