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Module 1: Creating a Retirement "Paycheck"

Steve Garrison, Prof. Emeritus, with asparagus spears.

This module will introduce you to the concept of a retirement "paycheck." You'll learn about strategies to receive income on a regular basis in later life, whether you decide to continue farming or not. You'll also learn about tools to estimate your life expectancy and how retirement in the 21st century differs from that of previous generations. Finally, you'll learn about some unique retirement issues and challenges faced by farm families such as illiquidity and farm succession decisions.

  1. What is a Retirement "Paycheck"?
  2. How Long Will You Live?
  3. Retirement in the 21st Century
  4. Retirement Issues and Challenges for Farm Families
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Identifying Retirement Income Sources

Watch the Rutgers video: Identifying Retirement Income Sources

(Workshop financially supported by the USDA and Northeast Extension Risk Management Education.)